2023 BYO iPad Purchasing Portal

Use the link and password below if you wish to purchase through our school supplier, Education Advantage.

URL: https://ogps.eduadv.com.au/
Password: OGPSportal2023

Please note the cut off date for orders is 4th of December with delivery of the equipment to the school
in late January 2023.

iPad Generation
iPad – if buying a new-to-you device, then choose one that is 8th Gen or newer as this should provide security and app update coverage for the 3 years of the program.
If you have one at home that you wish to send to school then a 6th generation iPad will suffice until Apple no longer provides essential updates for these devices.

Storage capacity
32GB – this is the minimum requirement and we would strongly suggest the 64GB model as many students
reach capacity quickly on the 32GB.

Screen Size
We strongly recommend a minimum of a 10.2” device. This is the standard iPad size and will best enable
learning in the classroom.

Wifi or Cellular
WiFi only is preferred (and much cheaper). WiFi and Cellular are allowed as long as there is no Sim card in the
device. Sim cards are not permitted at school as they can be used to circumvent the DET filtering.

It is a requirement that you purchase a sturdy case for your child’s iPad. There is no school based insurance, so a sturdy case is essential. We recommend STM Dux cases as these have proven to survive the school environment.

In 2023 we will require students to bring their own headphones. As we will not be sharing them between

Keyboard & Stylus
These are optional accessories.