Phonics and Spelling

Phonics and Spelling

What is Phonics?

Phonics is a method of teaching reading in which students are first taught the relationship between letters and the speech sounds they represent. Students are then taught to join or ‘blend’ these sounds together to read whole words.

Reading Doctor

If a child memorises ten words, the child can read only ten words, but if a child learn the sounds of 10 letters, the child will be able to read 350 three sound words, 4320 four sound words and 21,650 five sound words

Martin Kozloff


Phonemes– individual speech sounds

Graphemes – written symbols

Blend – put sounds (phonemes) together to make words

Segment – pull sounds (phonemes) apart to read words

Digraph– two letters making one new sound (sh, th, ck, ch etc.)

Split digraph– two vowels separated by one consonant (e.g. a_e = make)

Trigraph – three letters making one new sound (igh, oor)

Quadgraph – four letters making one new sound (ough, eigh)


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