Specialists’ Programs

We offer a range of Specialists’ Programs at Orchard Grove Primary School:

Orchard Grove Primary offers 5 Specialist subjects, Library, Visual Arts, Performing Arts, Physical Education and Spanish. Students enjoy timetabled sessions in each of these areas every week.

Our school Library program encourages a love of books and reading. Boasting a fine collection of children’s literature, students and teachers access and borrow every week. Weekly lessons include author and illustrator investigations, understanding the information on a book, for example blurbs and about the author sections, the differences between fiction and non-fiction materials, how to research and then reference your work for the more senior students. Collections of books enable senior students to be part of a ‘lit circle’ program which enables them to discuss themes and ideas. The Library is open before and after school and at lunchtimes to allow for regular borrowing and to enjoy a quieter break with a book. Author visits during Book Week and a vibrant Book Fair are all part of the Library year.

Performing Arts is taught in a custom built performing arts space boasting tiered seating and a stage. This allows for great possibility and opportunity. Our vibrant program caters for all levels of musical knowledge and skill and incorporates music, singing, dance and dramatic performance. Every student enjoys a variety of performing arts’ experiences, from singing in massed year level choirs, to devising and performing short plays, to learning hip hop dancing and, in Year Four, the recorder. We have a fine collection of percussion instruments that are used each week to support the program and a set of ukuleles and recorders. Regular assembly presentations allow the students to experience performing to an audience and every second year the school produces a play featuring senior students. Visiting instrumental teachers provide lessons for a variety of instruments and choirs rehearse and perform throughout the year.

Our Visual Arts program encourages creativity. The program provides for each age and stage, building skills and knowledge as the students journey through the school and through different art experiences. Boasting a well-resourced room including a kiln, the program supports the themes explored in class and in other areas of the school. For example, when the focus was on ‘Community” in Year Six, students created mosaics that were part of a Dementia Garden at a local community aged care facility. With the Rio Olympics, students created a Rio style float and mardi gras costumes in Art to support the special PE day. Visiting craftspeople and artists heighten the students’ appreciation and understanding of art techniques and styles. Visits to Galleries further enhance their learning. All areas of the art curriculum are covered and every tool is used from the pencil to the iPad to keep students in tune with current and classic creative skills.

Physical education lessons are taught weekly and from Foundation to Year Six, students participate in additional sport sessions run in their Year levels. The program is carefully planned to develop the students’ skills as they develop physically and to lead the students through fundamental movement skills to more complex game situations. A whole school athletics day, cross country day and swimming program feature across the year and students can strive to be part of district teams representing the school against other schools. Fair play and sportsmanship are key messages delivered during physical education sessions. Visiting clinics are organized and offered at every level, from tennis to basketball, cricket and gymnastics. The school hall is a full sized basketball court and a multi purpose netball and tennis court has been added this year to expand game playing opportunities.

Spanish is the Language Other Than English offered at Orchard Grove Primary School. The program is carefully planned to introduce another language and another culture to the students. Weekly sessions practise greetings, simple sentence structures and vocabulary, allowing students to expand their knowledge and understandings and their confidence operating in another language. Digital resources such as Languages on Line allow for further practise through engaging, interactive activities. A pen pal program linking our Year Four to Six students with counterparts in Spain bring their language learning alive. Cultural events and celebrations are marked and students learn about traditional costumes, dancing, food and celebrations. With such close links to many words used by the students in English, Spanish is a very accessible language and the speed with which the students acquire the language makes it a positive experience, paving the way for further language study in secondary school.

Other programs include:
Mini Lit
Multi Lit
English as an Additional Language (EAL)

Enrichment Programs include: