2018 Staff

Principal: Glenda Harry
Assistant Principals: Leeanne King and Michelle Ogilvie

Year 6:
Ms Stewart and Ms Jackson  (Coordinator)
Mrs Costaras and Ms Todkill
Mrs Horvat
Ms Jeeves

Year 5
Ms Syme (Coordinator)
Ms Wild
Mrs Bird

Year 4:

Mr Anthony (Coordinator)
Ms Morgan
Ms Gorfine
Ms Fyfield

Year 3:
Mr Tooth (Coordinator)
Ms Roche
Mr Todd
Mrs Hillman

Year 2:
Ms Ramsay (Coordinator)
Ms Cant
Ms Jamieson
Ms Fox

Level 1:
Mrs Patrick (Coordinator)
Ms Seymour
Mr Keen
Mrs Fellowes
Ms Derrick

Mrs Kwong (Coordinator)
Ms Males
Ms Cox
Ms Ward
Ms Dean

Specialist/Support Programs:
Mrs Campbell – Visual Arts (Coordinator)
Senora Thomas – LOTE (Spanish)
Mrs Thatcher and Mrs Lichtenauer – Library
Ms Mets – Music
Mr Liston – Sport
Ms Halden – EAL

Education Support:
Mrs Cooper – Business Manager
Ms Broadbent– Office Admin
Ms Brydson – First Aid Officer
Mrs Lowe – Office Admin
Mrs Branson – Office Admin
Mrs Timms – Integration Aide
Mrs Krick – Integration Aide/Library
Mrs Yelland – Teacher Aide