School Council

The Orchard Grove Primary School play an important role in the governance of our school. They develop a range of policies, guidelines and resources to support the existing and prospective school councillors to understand the roles, responsibilities and school council processes.

The objectives of a school council are set out in the school council’s constituting Order and section 2.3.4 of the Education and Training Reform Act and are to:

  • assist in the efficient governance of the school
  • ensure that its decisions affecting students of the school are made having regard, as a primary consideration, to the best interest of the students
  • enhance the educational opportunities of students at the school
  • ensure the school and the council complies with any requirements of the Education and Training Reform Act, the Education and Training Reform Regulations, a Ministerial Order or a direction, guideline or policy issued under the Education and Training Reform Act

Council membership consists of:

  • the principal, who is the executive officer
  • parents who are chosen through an election
  • at least one school or Department of Education & Training (DET) staff member

The school council consists of twelve members and meet on the 3rd Wednesday of each month. Nominations are sent out in Term 1 and if the number of nominations exceed the number of vacancies, we hold an election.

The current School Council includes the following members:

School Councillors

  • President: Kate Halford
  • Vice President: Cherise Asirvadem

Council Members:

  • Michelle Ogilvie (Principal)
  • Andrew Moore (Assistant Principal)
  • Melissa Crozier (Assistant Principal)
  • Charlotte Pemberton
  • Rachael Duke
  • Caroline Marcus
  • Emily Walford
  • Diana Belcher
  • Rael Belterman
  • Alycia Mitchell
  • Alan Fok
  • Ali Zavery
  • Deidree Cooper