Digital Technology

Our Vision:

At Orchard Grove Primary School our goal is to empower students with the knowledge, skills, and ethical mindset so they are well prepared for the world of tomorrow. We strive to integrate technology seamlessly across our curriculum, providing students with innovative tools and opportunities to enhance their learning experiences, especially in inquiry learning. As technology evolves at a rapid pace we aim to prepare students with the necessary digital skills and knowledge to thrive in future jobs and workplaces.

1:1 iPad Program:

Students in Year 4 to 6 participate in a 1:1 iPad program, which they use throughout the day in classroom and specialist lessons. The integration of iPads into daily learning allows our students to explore interactive educational resources, access up-to-date information about their choice of topics and the ability to work collaboratively with their peers. Their devices are used to replace traditional textbooks, for note-taking and researching, video creation, educational apps for literacy and numeracy, Google Suite products, assessments and quizzes. Our 1:1 program allows us to foster a personalized learning experience that promotes student engagement, creativity, critical thinking and problem solving skills.


In the early year levels we provide sets of iPads that support student learning, along with interactive whiteboards and big screen TVs. Our comprehensive technology program is designed to align with the Victorian Curriculum and provide our students with the skills and knowledge they need to succeed in a rapidly changing digital landscape. They actively participate in engaging lessons to develop their understanding of a range of programs and devices, to enhance their work and presentation and assist with collaboration.

Cyber safety:

Orchard Grove Primary School is committed to the safe use of technology, along with lessons to improve their digital skills. We ensure our students develop an understanding of how to be safe and respectful in the digital world. The students participate in the Federal Police’s education program – “Think U Know’ so they are aware of inappropriate online behaviours and the consequences for this behaviour. We have a ‘Digital Literacy Agreement’ that is sent home with students at the beginning of the year, which is discussed with students in class and reviewed and signed with parents at home. The learning is also supported by our Digital Learning Policy. We ensure that our Digital Technology program remains at the cutting edge of digital learning through regular reviews of our curriculum, our digital policies and safety practices.