Learning From Home Parent Support

Learning From Home Parent Support

Welcome to the Learning from Home – Parent Support Site. On this site you will find guides and resources to assist your children in making the most of our new online learning community. Click on the buttons above to navigate the site and access the resources you may need.

Guidelines for Parents

Define a physical learning space for your child.
  • We encourage families to find a regular place for your child to complete their online learning tasks. This should be a quiet space that is free of as many distractions as possible and where your child can focus for extended amounts of time.
  • Students will need access to a device and the internet so please keep this in mind when identifying an appropriate working space.
Providing assistance for your child’s learning.
  • Ideally parents, and/or carers should be available to assist students with their learning tasks. On the Literacy and Maths pages you will find documents to support your understanding of the way concepts are taught as well as consistent language to use when assisting your child.
Communicating with your child’s teacher
  • Teachers will communicate with students predominantly via Google Meets and Google Classroom. Teachers will be available from 8:45-3:45 to respond to questions from parents and students via email and Compass. We ask parents to remember that teachers may be communicating with many other families at the same time and that, while they love to hear from you, communications should be essential, succinct, and self-aware. Remember to also check Compass regularly for news or notifications from the school.
Monitoring online behaviours
  • Remind your children to be polite, respectful, and appropriate in their communications and to follow the school’s instructions on appropriate use of online learning forums. Help your child maintain contact with friends when circumstances permit. Each virtual classroom space allows for students to post comments, but please remind your child that these should relate to their learning, and that all purely social interactions should be done through other forums.
What to do if your child is unwell
  • If your child is unwell or unable to complete the learning tasks set please email the teacher to let them know they will not be participating in the learning that day.
  • Online lessons will be recorded where possible and your children will be able to log in and view lessons at another time to catch up.
How to access help

Teachers will be available via email to answer any concerns or questions you have. Students are also encouraged to ask for help and pose questions via Google Classroom. Assistance may be needed in the following areas:

  • questions regarding a learning task, assignment or activity,
  • personal/ health concerns,
  • academic concerns,
  • technical difficulties.

We ask parents to remember that some of the approaches being adopted as part of our ‘Learning From Home‘ plan are new or less familiar for teachers, and that a period of adjustment will be required so we can find the right balance of learning experiences for students. We appreciate and thank you for your ongoing cooperation and understanding as we do our best to ensure the learning continuity for all of our students when they cannot physically attend school. We will continue to be in contact with parents and caregivers as the situation develops.