My School

Orchard Grove Primary School, David Williams ’95


The school opened on its present site in 1991 and was the result of the amalgamation of Blackburn South, Killoura, Mirrabooka and Warrawong Primary schools.

Historically, our School Houses have reflected part of the history of Orchard Grove Primary School and most of the names of our houses have an Aboriginal meaning.

Mirrabooka means ‘Southern Cross’, Warrawong means ‘side of hill’, and Wurundjeri refers to the parkland adjacent to the school and the name of the Aboriginal people who lived in this area. To honour and acknowledge the Aboriginal heritage of our area we were keen for all of our house names to have an Aboriginal meaning. So, in mid 2016 we changed the spelling of Killoura to Killara which means ‘always there’.

Orchard Grove Primary School House Flags


RESPECT – treating people with dignity and property with care
VALUING DIVERSITY – accepting and celebrating difference
INTEGRITY – displaying honesty and trust with ourselves and others
WORKING TOGETHER – shared effort and responsibilities when working towards common goals
FOSTERING GROWTH – promoting academic, social, emotional and physical development.