Transition to Foundation

Once you have enrolled your child they may attend our Transition sessions.

During these sessions, the children will get the opportunity to engage with other children and teachers through developmental play. They will then read a book and complete an activity to take home with them. The activities will have a different focus each week, including Literacy, Maths etc.

While your child is in their session, you will be able to attend short information sessions. These will include things about the Literacy/Maths programs, assessment, uniform, canteen and what to expect during your child’s first year of school.

What does a general school day look like?

Morning session- Literacy focus (Reading, Writing or Phonics)
Middle session- Maths focus
Afternoon session- Inquiry or Wellbeing

  • Students have specialists once a week. These include Spanish, Physical Education, Performing Arts, Visual Arts and Library.
  • Snack time includes 10 mins eating time and 30 mins playtime.
  • Lunch includes 10 mins eating time and 45 mins playtime.

What to expect on their first day of school:

On the Foundation students first day of school, they complete activities that encourage getting to know their peers and their teacher. It is about getting to know the environment and becoming familiar with school routines. On this day you need to bring their:

  • Hat
  • Jumper
  • Lunch box with brain food (fruit/vegetables), morning tea snack and lunch.
  • Library bag